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Wenling Oudi Customer.....
Author:Sophie Lee    Date:2012-5-21    Browse:2671  


Firstly, thanks for your permission of showing the photos here.


Secondly, Oudi is getting better and better day by day as the eager to be competitive in our international mutual-beneficial cooperation.


And last, looking forward to having your presence again in future!




Mr. Tor Arne Myhre from IMS-AS in Norway, visited our factory in September of 2011. IMS-AS is the largest manufacturer of watertight doors in the world! Beside him is Mr. Chen, engineer & founder of Oudi.


Mr. Mielcioiu Gheorghe & Mr. Mircea Elian Petrescu from Ruris Impex SRL in Romania, visited our factory in April of 2012. Ruris is the No.1 in mower market in Romania! They do inspection carefully, and said our parts are not good but excellent!

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